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Last Updated 08-12-2018


“The secret to getting ahead is getting started." ~ Mark Twain

Coming Elections In Michigan :

November 6, 2018 State General Election.

The U.S. Government has created a website to help you avoid scams online. onguardonline.gov and Internet scams can be reported to the FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center.

From The Official I.R.S Website:
IRS Cautions Taxpayers to Watch for Summertime Scams!

The I.R.S.; D.E.A.; F.B.I.; Immigration; State Police; Sheriff; City Police; Courts & Court Employees, And All Other Federal, State, And Local Government Agencies Will Not Send You An Email, Text, Or Call You On The Phone And Ask For Money Or Else You Or A Loved One Will Go To Jail ! Nor Will They Claim To Help You Fill Out A Will, Court Document, Or Any Type Of Form Without Contacting You By U.S. Mail First ! !


Your Vote Counts, America! - - NEW 08-12-18 - -
Protect The Most Important Document In American History - - NEW 06-18-18
The Responsibility Of The American Believer
The Importance of Morality and Religion in Government
The Heart Of The Issue
America’s Gift Of Government
Taking America’s Temperature
What Most People Don’t Know About The Rise Of America’s Counter-Culture
Following Our Moral Compass
The Key to Preserving AMERICA
Reclaiming Our Nation’s Heritage
Sen. Sasse Gives History Lesson on American Exceptionalism
God’s Plan for America’s Comeback
The Ultimate History Lesson
A History of The 4th of July
The Leadership Of George Washington
Sweet Liberty
Worth Fighting For
The Fabric of America
Freedom’s Rising Sun
The Lighthouse of America
There’s No Need for “Separation” Anxiety
America's Godly History
Take A Stand

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    7 Personal Finance Short Articles;
    5 Signs You Have Too Much Debt;
    6 Last-Minute Retirement Planning Strategies;
    How Auto Insurers Trick You with Their Language;
    5 Common Mistakes That Can Sink Credit Score;
    Why NFL Players Lose Their Money;
    How to Talk About Getting a Will;
    Reverse Effects;
    10 Tricky Terms: Deciphering Credit Card Language;
    Avoid Costly Credit Card Balance Transfer Mistakes;
    Surprising Things Homeowners Insurance Covers!
    Surprising Taxes on IRAs;
    Things That Could Get Your Homeowner’s Insurance Canceled Or Your Rates Dramatically Increased;
    Good News For Low And Moderate Income Americans;
    "Zombie Debt” Collectors Are Digging Up Old Debts
    Had To Pay Income Tax This Year? Ideas To Pay Less!
    Signs Of A Good Credit-Repair Company;
    Six Reasons Not To Refinance A Mortgage;
    Avoid Getting a Credit Card Declined;
    Financial Help for Seniors & When Can You No Longer Drive;
    Health Insurance Alert If You Work Past 65 / HSA Medicare Mistake;
    Four Ways To Achieve Financial Security;
    Budgeting Info and Downloadable Interactive Forms;
    Plus Many Other Articles.
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    State Says Skimmers Still A Problem At Michigan Gas Pumps. Card skimmer found at Byron Township gas station July 17, 2018!; Updated 07-22-18. Hidden Gas Pump Credit Card Skimmers;
    More Victims In Home Buying Wire Scams ;
    Business Hacked, Phony Invoices Sent To Clients
    Smartphone Scam Targets Victims;
    Craigslist Renters Rent The Same Home;
    Youtube Video Tricking Consumers On How To Pay Bills Using
    Social Security Numbers;
    Hotel Front Desk Credit Card Scam;
    State Treasury Officials Warn Of Summertime Scams;
    Scammers Steal Donated Rewards Or Claim They Are
    Government Workers

    Student Loan Repayment Scams
    Another Gas Pump Skimmer Found In Howell June 14th ! !
    FBI Warns Phony Job Scam Targeting College Students;
    State Agency Says Skimmers Still A Problem At Michigan Gas Pumps;
    Dial Back Scam Hitting Cell Phones;
    The 5 Worst Social Security Scams;
    Car Buyer Note On Windshield Scam;
    Phone Caller Demanding Money or You / Family Member Will Go To Jail Scam -
    Thieves Target Shoppers Who Use Supermarket Self-Checkout;
    Ransomware Thieves Come Up With Creative New Schemes;
    Beware Of Odd Friend Requests On Facebook;
    Don't Get Caught In Facebook Scams;
    Don't Fall For This Chip Credit Card Scam;

    ID Theft and Social Media Scam;
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    Cell Phones Thrown In The Trash Are Exploding, Causing Fires - NEW 07-15-18 -
    Recycling Automotive Fluids & Home Workshop Items - New 06-10-18 -
    Recycling Stations Offer Collection Boxes For Nonworking Holiday Lights
    How Do You Recycle Old Cds, Dvds And Cassette Tapes?
    Kent County Recycling Centers Addresses, Hours, And Info.
    Drug-Free Drains - Where To Safely Dispose Of Left Over Drugs
    Target Offers Customers Easy Way To Recycle
    Home Depot Recycles CFL Bulbs and Rechargeable Batteries
    Battery Recycling
    Curb Side Household Recycling Pickup Services In Kent County
    The Paper Gator Recycles Paper & Magazines
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    Thieves Create False Identities Using Child's S. S. Number - - New 07-01-18 - -
    Keep Financial Information Safer on Your Phone
    Latest Hacker Target: Cell-Phone Accounts
    Fake Unemployment Claims On Rise In Michigan;
    Five Things You Must Do If Your ID Is Stolen
    Tax Return Identity Theft;
    Protecting Dead Relatives Identity;
    Hackers Target Bank Accounts Through Your Phone;
    Good Advice to Help Stop Phishing;
    Prevent I.D. Theft After A Loved One Dies;
    New Form of Identity Fraud Soars as Crooks Switch Tactics;
    What’s left behind: Junkyard identity theft
    Don’t Always Share Everything With Facebook
    Crooks Have a New Way to Break into Cars
    Your Fingerprint Won’t Protect Your Accounts
    Cyber Thieves May Have Your Social Security
    Protect Your Password
    Protect Yourself After A Data Breach
    What To Do After A Personal Data Breach;
    Personal Information Safety Tips;
    Simple tips to avoid identity theft;
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    Famous Faces Who Were Born In Grand Rapids;
    Ghost Towns Of The Upper Peninsula;
    10 More People Added To 'Born in Michigan' on 04-23-17;
    Tiny Cities;
    The History of the USS Michigan;
    Michigan’s Super-Power Steam Locomotives;
    Can you pass this Michigan quiz?
    Fun Facts About Left-Handed People That You Didn’t Know;
    Around Michigan;
    A Tale Of The Tallest Order; (Gold in Lake Michigan.)
    Aircraft Carriers On Lake Michigan;
    More Michigan Random facts;
    Great Lakes Fun Facts: Lake Ontario;
    Lake Erie;
    Lake Michigan;
    Lake Huron;
    Lake Superior;
    What's in a Name?
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    New Uses For Old Aluminum Foil;
    6 Common Home-Maintenance Goofs;
    House Noises You Should Never Ignore;
    8 Easy To Make Homeowner Mistakes
    Whimsical, Practical, & Interesting Hint Sight;
    Removing Recessed Light Bulbs;
    Download Digital User / Owner Manuals;

    Reusing Pill Containers & Water Bottles;
    New Uses For Old Aluminum Foil;
    Email Question – Is It Safe To Use E-15 In My Car?;
    Cleaning rusty tools;
    Today's Dishwasher Detergents Are Less Effective;
    From an email question - Oil Change Recomendations;
    Keeping your house cool;
    CFL Bulbs and the Facts;
    Unclogging Toilets and Drains;
    MSHDA PIP Loan Program For Homeowners & Landlords;
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    States Stealing Little-Used Accounts;
    Unclaimed Life Insurance Benefits;
    Did You Get Your IRS Refund Check?;
    Web Sites to Search for Unclaimed $$$;
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    Grand Rapids & Wyoming Yard Waste Drop-Off Sites Open Soon!
    Kent County's Waste Management Options & Alternatives
    Wyoming Public Service Center Yard Waste Site
    For Profit Curbside Pickup Services
    For Profit Drop Off Sites
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    9 Ways To Keep Your Windows Computer Safe.
    Who Needs a Geek Squad?
    Before You Make Major Changes To Your Computer;
    Disinfect Files, Emails, & Disk Drives Without Opening Them;
    Basic Computer Maintenance for Regular People.
    Spilled Coffee On My Keyboard/Mouse/Cell Phone……
    Gunk All Over My Laptop’s Screen
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    DO YOU LIKE TO BUY AMERICAN? Check out this website - Made In The USA Forever.com

    Recycle Consumer Electronics for Gift Cards!
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    If you need assistance with food, special dietary needs, or help getting on government programs; call (616) 885-9919 or click on the

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