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SOS has released the Voting Schedule for 2019.

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To check to see if you are registration to vote in the Michigan, visit the Michigan Voter Information Center at   Michigan’s presidential primary is open to all registered voters and voters may chose to vote in either the Democrat or Republican primary.

A request for an absent voter ballot must be in writing and can be submitted to your city or township clerk. For more info contact your local city or township clerk or go to What You Need to Know About Absentee Voting in Michigan
Criteria for obtaining an Absentee Ballet:
1. Age 60 or older.
2. Physically unable to attend the polls without assistance.
3. Expecting to be out of town all day for election day.
4. In jail.
5. Unable to attend polls due to religious reasons.
6. You are a precinct worker outside of your voting district.

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Here are a few West Michigan Cities and Counties Web Sites:

  • Wyoming
  • Kentwood
  • Grand Rapids
  • East Grand Rapids
  • Walker
  • Holland
  • Grandville
  • Spring Lake
  • Muskegon
  • Ada
  • Lowell
  • Kent County
  • Barry County
  • Allegan County
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    State of Michigan :

  • Michigan S.O.S. Elections in Michigan
    To see when local, state, and federal elections will be for this year.
  • Michigan Voter Information Center
    See if you are registered to vote, sample ballots, where to vote and more.
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    Historical and Informational sites:

    'The Federalist Papers'

    Here is a good web site to see what the founding fathers actually wrote about how they came together and created this great country.

    The Library of Congress, Thomas

    This is the Library of Congress on line. From the beginning of the US, Thomas Jefferson felt that every word of the legislature should be recorded for the public to read. There should be no secrets. Here you can find out all about the particular legislator you want to know. How did they vote, what bills they sponsored, etc. No filters, no spin, just the facts. It is a bit clunky, but it is really interesting.

    Wall Builders

    This site is dedicated to getting the truth out about candidates for federal positions and about how some "revisionists" are trying to change history by selectively deleting facts that do not agree with their beliefs.

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    If you know of any good unbiased sites let us know. Just click the 'contact us' button bellow

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    HOW TO BE A BETTER VOTER" - By George Stephanopoulos as published in the June 29, 2008 Parade.

    Use the Godfather Test

    Political pollsters love the beer-buddy question—namely, to ask voters which candidate they’d most want to hang out with over a couple of cold ones or a cup of coffee. But I prefer to use the Godfather (or Godmother) Test.

    What that means:

    Pick a candidate as if your child’s life depended on it. While liking the politician should be part of your thought process, having a Best Pal in the Oval Office isn’t enough. The decisions made by the next President will help determine whether your children will have to fight in wars, how dependent they’ll be on foreign oil, and whether Medicare and Social Security will be there when they retire. Vote for the candidate who has the competence and character to guide your child—and the country.

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    Sandra Day O’Connor’s advice on how to vote for judges

    Although Justice O’Connor was talking about voting for judges, I believe that her advice is perfect for choosing any candidate for any office. Especially for choosing a president. This quote was originally published in the February 24, 2008 Parade newspaper insert. You can read the entire article at

    “You also should educate yourself, an especially important task if you live in one of the 39 states that holds elections for judges. Take these steps:
    • First, learn about the candidates. That you agree with a person’s policy positions is irrelevant to whether he or she would make a good judge. Evaluate them based on their ability to be fair, impartial and competent. Look for unbiased sources—many states offer voter guides and performance evaluations.
    • Second, be suspicious if a candidate makes a promise about how he or she would rule in a particular case. Every case is different and should be judged according to how the law applies to that situation. If a judge decides a case based on a campaign promise, he or she has not upheld the pledge to be fair and impartial.
    • Third, vote. Judicial elections tend to garner little attention. This is increasingly problematic, because interest groups often can be the main source of information. The only way to counteract this is to research the candidates, know where your information is coming from and vote."
    Sandra Day O’Connor

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    State wide recall information site:

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    To report a DEAD LINK

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